About Us

Simin Tire is a market leader specialized in TBR & OTR repair and service in the Iran market with 20 years experience fulfilling huge projects and acquiring quality standard certifications by Michelin France and Rema Tip Top Germany and plenty of local testimonials.
Our company has repaired and regrooved   more than 100000 pcs of TBR and 20000 pcs of OTR tires for almost 1000 governmental and non-governmental companies, mostly engaged in transportation, ferrous and nonferrous mines, construction and dam projects, cement factories and so on.

Various services offered by Simin Tire:

1- Repair and regrooving of damaged and worn-out TBR & OTR tires.

2- Launching of tire repair and service workshops by selling and supplying equipments and tools along with training and rendering the know-how in whole concerned aspects.

3- Sales of equipments and tools related to tire repair and maintenance.

4- Selling new and second-hand TBR & OTR tires and rims.

5- Sales of conveyor belts, repair materials and accessories.

6- Purchase of used and second-hand TBR /OTR tires.

7- Tire Management System Consultation and training.